How to Plan Your Catering Menu

First of all after you have chosen the topic and the main idea of your party, it is just the right time to begin thinking about the menu you want to be served. With no doubt, first you choose the theme and then check top rated restaurants in the area in order to get the best dishes for the evening.

When you think about the menu options, you first of all should consider all the dishes that might fit to your party topic. In order to choose the right dishes you need to take into account such factors as time of the day the food is served, whether you want buffet or a plated dinner. At the same time, if none of these options work for you, consider the possibility of hiring servers who will be forcing along the tables and offer different dishes to our guests. For example, you can serve cheese and some snacks for the tables and then let guests make their choice about the main savories, desserts and fresh fruit from the servers.

After the decision about the way of serving is made, you need to actually think about the food that will be served.

Experts in gourmet catering service advise to think about all the people whom you have invited. For instance, if everyone eats every kind of food, take good care about the people with allergies, whether someone has special diet needs. Professional event planners advise for the evenings to choose a menu that will consist of several meat options, and always make sure to serve a few vegetarian dishes. When the time for desserts comes, remember about fresh fruits, sugar-free items and desserts without any allergens so that anyone would be able to have a piece. And following the contemporary fashion, get a couple of gluten-free cakes.

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If the ideas of creating the proper menu are clear to you, but you have not seen our tips for choosing the right caterer, click here and choose smart!

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