Kidde Smoke Detector and Alarms for Restaurants and Cafes

Visitors of restaurants appreciate exquisite food, beautiful interiors, pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and friendly waiters. The owner's task is to provide all guests with a relaxing atmosphere, that will not be overshadowed by any surprises, and also take care of their comfort and safety. Therefore, a good restaurant needs not only a famous chef and expensive furniture, but also a high-quality Kidde smoke detector and alarms.

Restaurants suffer from fire very often. And in many cases the cause of fire is the carelessness when working with kitchen equipment, faulty wiring, candles, Bengal lights and fireworks. If dust, soot and fat accumulate in the filters of the ventilation system of the restaurant, it is a zone of special risk. One spark is enough to for fire to break out. A properly designed alarm system with a Kidde smoke detector can prevent and minimize possible damage from fire.

Any restaurant consists of several zones. Each of them requires a different approach to ensuring fire safety. Conditionally all the premises of the restaurant can be divided into guest and service rooms. The first includes the hall itself, the dance floor, a wardrobe and latrines. The second one includes a kitchen, utility rooms and administration offices.

Guest rooms must necessarily be equipped with light indicators that, in case of fire and smoke, will help people navigate and quickly find a way out, as well as a sound warning system and a Kidde smoke detector. They will warn about the potentially dangerous situation. In addition, fire detectors must be installed so to react when an ignition is detected and transmit the signal to the control point. In the hall or a cloakroom, a Kidde smoke detector or a temperature detector can be installed as well as an automatic fire extinguishing system.

Fire safety in the kitchen

Particular attention should be given to the fire alarm system in the kitchen. The temperature here is quite high, and the cooking process is often accompanied with the appearance of smoke and fumes, so a Kidde smoke detector and a temperature fire detector in the kitchen may be ineffective. There is a risk of false triggering. The kitchen needs more accurate detectors: for example, analyzers of the composition of gas in the atmosphere, that can determine fire presence by the composition of the air.

Very often fires in the kitchens of restaurants arise due to the inflammation of vegetable oil. Neither water nor special powder, which is used in fire extinguishing systems, cannot cool the incandescent surfaces burning with oil. Therefore, foam automatic fire extinguishing system suits better for the kitchen, while in the hall and other rooms intended for guests, you can use water.

Designing a fire alarm for a restaurant is a complicated business that requires experience, special knowledge and the ability to take into account all the subtleties. If you want to have a fire alarm installed, you should consult the experienced specialists who have been engaged in the design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of a variety of fire safety and automatic fire extinguishing systems for many years. They will prepare for you a preliminary assessment of the fire alarm system for the restaurant, create a working project and install any type of alarm system.

For various kinds of entertainment establishments and catering establishments, the presence of smoke detectors and alarms is a prerequisite. In this case, the equipment of the individual zones a cafe, restaurant, club or bar will be different. The club or the restaurant should also be equipped with light equipment, which tells visitors where the exit is.

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